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Legal disputes can be very complex, involving multiple laws and regulations and a variety of financial factors. While most people will prefer to avoid legal action, there are some cases where disputes cannot be resolved otherwise. Whether you need to pursue a lawsuit to recover money owed to you or to require a person to meet their legal obligations, or you need to defend against claims that you have caused financial harm to someone else, you will want to secure representation from an attorney who is experienced in civil litigation.

At NN Legal Group, we provide legal help to clients in a wide variety of different types of civil cases, working to protect their rights and helping them achieve their goals. With our experience in business law, estate planning, and real estate, we can help you determine your best options for resolving your disputes, and we will advocate for your interests from the beginning to the end of your case. Attorney Nicolas Nelson has been assisting clients with legal concerns for over a decade, and he can provide the practical advice and guidance you need when addressing matters in civil court.

Representation in Multiple Types of Civil Cases

Civil litigation will usually involve a claim that one party has harmed the other, and a plaintiff may seek compensation from a defendant, or they may ask a court to enforce a defendant's legal requirements. Before initiating litigation, a plaintiff will typically send a demand letter to the defendant that specifies the amount that should be paid or the actions the defendant should take. The plaintiff will then file a complaint in civil court, and the defendant will be served with a summons and given the opportunity to file a response. The parties will conduct discovery, where they may obtain relevant information through interrogatories, depositions, subpoenas, or other methods. The parties may be able to negotiate a settlement, or the case may proceed to trial. At the conclusion of the trial, a judge or jury will rule in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant.

Our lawyers can assist with multiple different types of civil litigation, including:

  • Mechanic's Liens - A contractor or subcontractor may place a lien on a property if they were not fully paid for construction work that was performed. We can assist with filing or defending against these types of liens, or we can help clear liens that may prevent the completion of a residential or commercial real estate transaction.
  • Breach of Contract - If one party to a contract claims that the other has violated the contract's terms, they may pursue litigation to recover damages or enforce contractual obligations. We provide representation for both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract cases.
  • Neighbor Disputes - Disagreements between neighbors related to boundaries, property damage, or nuisances may need to be resolved through litigation. We can help property owners understand how laws and regulations apply to these disputes, and we will work to negotiate agreements between neighbors or pursue legal action when necessary.
  • Business Litigation - We provide representation in disputes between business partners or shareholders, between employers and employees, or between a business and a person or organization that has caused them financial harm.
  • Probate Litigation - In cases involving contested wills or estates, we provide representation for family members or other beneficiaries, helping them ensure that their loved one's wishes are carried out correctly.
  • Real Estate Litigation - We can assist with disputes related to violations of the terms of a purchase contract in a real estate transaction.

Contact a Wheaton Civil Litigation Lawyer

Whether you are a plaintiff who plans to take legal action against another person or organization or a defendant in a civil lawsuit, NN Legal Group can provide you with skilled and dedicated representation. We will make sure you understand your rights, and we will advise you of the steps you can take to achieve success in your case. While we will work to negotiate a settlement when possible, we are fully prepared to take your case to trial and advocate on your behalf before a judge or jury. To arrange a complimentary consultation and learn more about how we can help you resolve your legal disputes, contact us at 630-474-0925. We represent clients in civil cases throughout DuPage County and the surrounding communities, including Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Glendale Heights, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Lombard, Villa Park, and Addison. Hablamos Español.

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