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Your divorce will involve many different legal concerns, and some of the most important issues that will need to be addressed involve the children you share with your spouse. Regardless of how well you and your spouse get along or how you will handle other matters during your divorce, you will both continue to be the parents of your children. This means that you will need to figure out how you can work together as co-parents and share the responsibility of raising your children, attending to their needs, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in life. A family law attorney can help you create a parenting agreement that addresses these matters, ensuring that you will be able to provide for your children's best interests going forward.

At NN Legal Group, we understand that divorce can be complicated and confusing, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge and guidance they need. Attorney Nicolas Nelson has over 12 years of experience in family law and other legal matters, and he has advocated on behalf of divorcing spouses in a wide variety of situations. During your divorce, we will work with you to negotiate a parenting plan that protects your parental rights and gives you the ability to work together with your co-parent to meet your children's needs.

Understanding the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Over the past decade, the state of Illinois has redefined many of the terms used to describe parents' rights and responsibilities in divorce and family law cases. What was once known as "legal custody" of children is now referred to as the "allocation of parental responsibilities." The state's laws recognize that both parents play an ongoing role in raising their children and making decisions about their lives, regardless of whether they are married, unmarried, separated, or divorced. Typically, parents are encouraged to share in these decisions and work together to provide for their children's best interests.

Illinois law identifies different types of parental responsibility, and these refer to the right to make decisions about certain areas of children's lives. While parents will usually have an equal say in child-related decisions, there are some cases where certain responsibilities may be solely or primarily granted to one parent. For example, one parent may be primarily responsible for making decisions about children's healthcare, such as the doctors they will visit and the types of treatment they receive, or a parent may be given the authority to make educational decisions regarding where children will attend school or whether they will receive tutoring, require special education, or pursue advanced educational opportunities. Other areas of responsibility address the extracurricular activities children will participate in and decisions about religious activities or training.

Decisions about the allocation of parental responsibilities and other issues related to children should be based on the children's best interests. If parents disagree about how responsibilities should be allocated, Illinois law specifies a number of factors that should be considered to determine what is in children's best interests. These include the child's needs, the wishes of the parents and children, each parent's past level of participation in decision-making about significant child-related issues, the parents' ability to cooperate with each other to make decisions, and each parent's willingness to encourage children to have a close relationship with the other parent.

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During your divorce, the lawyers of NN Legal Group can help you create a parenting plan that fully addresses how you and your ex-spouse will share the responsibility of making decisions for your children. We will advise you of your rights and offer guidance on how to make sure these issues are clearly described in your parenting agreement, which can help you avoid disputes in the future. We will advocate for you throughout your divorce and work to ensure that your children's best interests are protected at all times. Contact us today by calling 630-474-0925 to arrange a free consultation with our lawyers. We assist with divorce and child custody cases in Wheaton, Bloomingdale, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Addison, Villa Park, Glendale Heights, Lombard, and DuPage County. Hablamos Español.

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