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Home ownership is an important part of American life for many people. Those who do not yet own their own home will often be saving money and making plans to purchase a house, and as they begin the process of becoming homeowners, they will want to make sure they take the right steps to protect themselves. Those who already own a home may be planning to move because they wish to live in a different city or because their current home does not meet their family's needs. During a real estate transaction, it is important to work with a skilled lawyer who can help you understand your rights and resolve any legal issues that may affect the sale or lead to additional costs.

At NN Legal Group, we help our clients address a wide variety of legal concerns related to real estate, business law, and estate planning. With over 12 years of experience, Attorney Nicolas Nelson can help you understand the factors that may affect the purchase or sale of your home, and he can provide you with representation to ensure that any impediments to the transaction are resolved successfully. We will offer practical advice to help you make the right decisions, and we will work to represent your interests at all times.

Legal Help With Residential Real Estate Purchases and Sales

First-time home buyers may be unsure about the procedures that will be followed throughout a transaction, and while they may be focused on meeting their requirements to obtain financing, there are a variety of other concerns that they will need to address, and they will also want to be aware of closing costs and other factors that could cause difficulties in the future. Those who have previously been through the process of buying a home may be more familiar with the process, but in addition to handling the legal and financial issues involved in purchasing a new home, they will also need to be aware of the concerns that may arise as they sell their current house.

Our attorneys can provide legal help for both buyers and sellers, ensuring that they fully consider all legal matters involved in a transaction while advocating on their behalf in any disputes that may arise. During a transaction, we will assist with:

  • Negotiating a purchase contract - Once a seller accepts a buyer's offer on their home, the parties will sign a legally-binding agreement that specifies the amount that will be paid and lists important dates for when different aspects of the transaction will be completed. We can assist in negotiating the terms of these agreements, including contingencies that apply to either the buyer or the seller that will allow them to back out of the transaction if certain conditions are not met.
  • Title search - By reviewing public records, we can determine whether there are any legal issues that may affect a transaction, such as liens against a property, judgments against a homeowner, or inheritance claims that may affect ownership. By resolving these matters during the transaction, we can help buyers ensure that they will not experience any unexpected surprises or financial issues in the years after they take possession of the home.
  • Home inspection issues - Buyers will typically have a licensed home inspector visit the property to review its condition and uncover any concerns. A home inspection may find that there are defects in the property, repairs that need to be made, or hazards that need to be addressed. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we can help you determine how to resolve these issues and negotiate agreements regarding whether repairs will be made and how the costs related to these repairs will be paid.
  • Home closing - Before the final closing date, we will ensure that all paperwork is prepared. During the closing process, we will fully explain all of the documents that you are signing and make sure you understand your rights and any additional steps that you may need to take to complete the transaction. After everything has been signed, we will make sure all documents are filed properly.

In addition to providing representation during a residential real estate transaction, we can also assist with other legal concerns that may arise in the years to come. With our experience in civil litigation, we can help you resolve matters related to mechanic's liens, or we can advise you of your rights in disputes with neighbors. We will advocate for your interests when negotiating a settlement or arguing on your behalf in the courtroom.

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With the right attorney on your side, you can be confident that all legal issues will be handled properly when buying or selling residential real estate or resolving disputes related to your home. To get the legal help you need, contact NN Legal Group today by calling 630-474-0925 and scheduling a free consultation. We assist with residential real estate matters in Wheaton, Bloomingdale, Villa Park, Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Addison, Glendale Heights, and DuPage County. Hablamos Español.

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