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Common Types of Business Litigation in DuPage County

 Posted on November 15,2022 in Business Law

DuPage County Contract Dispute LawyerAnyone who has started a business in Illinois knows how challenging it can be to get the project up and running. The planning, paperwork, and personal investment in time, money, and sweat equity can be overwhelming, especially in a business’s first few years. 

Unfortunately, even after all the careful effort involved in helping a business become successful, business owners may occasionally face unexpected litigation. Even if your business is not dealing with any lawsuits now, learning about the types of litigation a business like yours might face can help you prevent problems in the future, as well as understand the potential liability you may be facing and what action you should take. Whatever legal issues you may be facing, an Illinois business law attorney can help. 

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are one of the most common types of business lawsuits. Companies may engage in contract disputes with individual contractors, other companies like service providers, and even with the government. 

Statutory Disputes

If a business has run afoul of the law, it may face a statutory dispute. However, a business may not believe it has done anything wrong and the case could require the intervention of a judge who will interpret the statute and determine whether a business is in compliance. Statutory disputes may also involve potential violations of trade secrets and other intellectual property laws. 

Employment Law Disputes

For companies that have many employees, disagreements over things like the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers’ compensation laws, and employee classification may lead to business disputes. Employees may also file lawsuits for wrongful termination, workplace harassment, or discrimination. 

Common Law Torts

Even though a business is usually involved in commercial litigation, it may also be involved in civil litigation. If a customer comes onto a business’s premises, slips and falls, and gets injured, that customer may try to file a personal injury lawsuit. Likewise, someone may try to hold a company responsible for an injury that occurred off the business’s premises - for example, a construction contractor that was involved in an accident with a third party on a construction site. 

Contact a DuPage County, IL Business Litigation Lawyer

If you are a Wheaton business owner and are facing a lawsuit of any kind, make sure you have help from a Dupage County business litigation attorney. Even if you are not dealing with a lawsuit, having an attorney review your contracts and other legal documents may protect you from future liability. Call 630-474-0925 today to schedule a free consultation with one of NN Legal Group’s experienced lawyers. 




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